Welcome to VTE Warehouse, your source for small quantity, fast turn-around terminal insulators and connection devices.

At VTE Inc., we know insulators. We've been making them for over 30 years. Because of this experience, we supply insulators to some of the biggest names in industry.

Two very simple, yet extremely important reasons why you should integrate VTE Inc. terminal insulators into your products:

→ Safety

Increase product safety and reduce potential liability by preventing electrical shorts and shock with VTE Terminal Insulators.

→ Quality

High quality VTE Terminal Insulators let customers know your product was designed with the highest standards.


Internal Copper Bushing & Waterproof Pass Thru

VTE Warehouse also produces a large line of terminal busbars and power posts. Low on cost and high on performance, these devices help control electrical lines in your applications. Connect power to control units, pass current through a barrier, or just extend and distribute power in your device.

VTE Warehouse now carries fuses and fuse holders. From high amperage Class T and ANL fuses down to 2 amp plug in fuses, VTE has the right part for the job. We manufacture our large fuse holders in house, so you know we have safety and compliance in mind. Protect your investments from over current situations, while complying with industry and safety standards.

Have a look around and see what VTE Warehouse & VTE Inc. can do for you.