Copper Core Power Bushing

VTE has developed an innovative and unique solution for passing current through a barrier. Our Copper Core Power Bushing brings new features, low cost and ease of use to your current passing projects.

Our Copper Core Power Bushings have been designed with these key components in mind:

  • High Energy Transfer
  • High Torque
  • High Anti-Rotation
  • Weatherproof Available
  • Low Product Cost
  • Low Assembled Cost
  • Also available in Metric M10
High Energy Transfer
The Copper Core is cold swaged into a hex shape, providing un-paralleled high energy transfer performance. The conductive materials are placed exactly where needed, reducing cost and improving performance.
High Torque
Significant amounts of fastener torque is required when attaching multiple 4/0 ga (120mm2) cables. Brass shaft devices just don't measure up. At the required torque, brass posts may fail. Our Copper Core Power Bushing uses a 3/8" (or 10mm) Nickel-plated steel shaft to provide high torque value.
High Anti-Rotation
First, the power bushing is molded in a unique shape, to fit into a punch hole provided by a Greenlee Punch (#60098). This ensures the bushing will not spin in its location. We then shaped the inner sleeve passage to a hex shape, when coupled with our hex shape core insert, provide 100% stability when fastening cables.
Weatherproof Available
On weatherproof models, an inner panel seal provides a secure fastening base for our 258 Series Terminal Insulator. This insulator fits snugly around the panel seal, and when used with a 4/0 ga (120mm2) cable, provides the assembly with IP-65 rating weatherproofing.
Low Product Cost
VTE has specifically designed a unique mold and assembly procedure for the Copper Core Power Bushing. The entire process of molding and assembling is performed in one operation, at one station. This greatly reduces our labor cost, which greatly reduces the end cost to the consumer.
Low Assembled Cost
Unique and innovative, our Copper Core Power Bushing incorporates a large PVC fastening nut. This nut fastens the bushing into place, allowing for quick installation. The installion hardware is minimized, further improving the efficiency of the install process.

  • For panel thickness up to 13/32"
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Very low cost
  • Copper Core Max Amps: 550 amps @ 12 vdc
  • Max Voltage: 48 vdc
  • Availabe in Red & Black
  • Bushing Material : Glass-Filled Nylon
  • Post Material : Nickel Plated Mild Steel
  • Fastener (nut) Material : Stainless Steel
  • Use second panel nut (359N) for high dynamic loads Panel thickness up to 3/16"

Use Terminal Insulators to comply with industry standards

258 Series Terminal Insulator
258N4 Series Insulator
Multiple 4/0 ga (120mm2) cable
258 Series Terminal Insulator
258N9 Series Insulator
Multiple 4/0 ga (120mm2) cable
956 Series Terminal Insulator
956N Series Dual Insulator
Dual 3/0 ga (81mm2) cable
956 Series Terminal Insulator
795 Multiple Cable Insulator
Multiple 3/0 ga (81mm2) cables

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Copper Core 550 amp SAE 3/8" Post Normal Use CCB376N0N02 Red on Black $7.46
CCB376N0NR02 All Red $7.21
CCB376N0N14 Black $7.10
Weather Proof CCB376N0N02W Red on Black $9.16
CCB376N0NR02W All Red $9.08
CCB376N0N14W Black $8.69
Copper Core 550 amp Metric M10 Post Normal Use CCB376M0N02 Red on Black $8.00
CCB376M0NR02 All Red $7.75
CCB376M0N14 Black $7.64
Weather Proof CCB376M0N02W Red on Black $9.64
CCB376M0NR02W All Red $9.49
CCB376M0N14W Black $9.29
Copper Core 550 Amp 1/2" Post Normal Use CCB506N02 All Red $9.02
CCB506N14 Black $8.90
Weather Proof CCB506N02W All Red $10.86
CCB506N14W Black $10.66

Quantity: Subtotal: $ 0.00

Core Post Color Weatherproof
Copper Core 3/8" Red on Black None
10mm Red Bushing Entry 4
1/2" Black Entry 9

  • Total Order Minimum: $25.00
  • Online prices enjoy a 5% reduction.
  • For commercial quantities, please contact VTE, Inc.